Sex Therapy

In my private practice, I take a sex positive approach. I work with adults who seek to increase intimacy, sexual functioning, and depth in their relationships, as well as to cultivate insight into their feelings, needs, and behaviors. As your “emotional doctor” treatment often involves prescribed homework assignments to facilitate growth in between sessions.

I work with many persons who have tried therapy before, who are now seeking a more interactive and specialized treatment experience. Over the years, patients have told me that my approach feels “immediately disarming.” As a clinical psychologist who is also a sex therapist, I have the expertise to discern the most intricate relationship and sexual dynamics.

Common reasons people seek sex therapy are to deepen intimacy, improve communication, release shame, understand sexual arousal, build trust, and to increase the capacity for sexual satisfaction. Some of my clinical specialties include: sexual desire discrepancy, fetishes, kink, trauma, compulsive sexual behavior, and all constellations of monogamy/non-monogamy. I also have expertise in helping individuals and couples heal after relationship crises, including infidelity, infertility, and other relational injuries.

My approach to sex therapy is grounded in scientific research regarding sexual fulfillment, endurance, and vitality. Treatment can be a positive, affirming experience during which you increase prowess  in your everyday interactions. Whatever your relationship status or configuration, sex therapy can help you deepen your capacity for intimacy.

Please contact me if I may be of assistance to you.